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  • I am not overly beautiful OR overly average that I am beautiful
  • I don’t do anything too remarkable, but I can sing and draw
  • I have normal friends, no one too eccentric who’d be a great sidekick
  • I am pretty much a coward and if given the chance to go explore some dark woods or a…

 sounds like a combination of Meg, Belle, Hermione, and Kayley to me.

You’d be a wonderful book heroine!

and I’d be a wonderful sidekick! >_<

Yeah, I guess if I had to pick out of my friends, you’d prolly be the best side kick.

And nah, the more I think about myself, I can’t help but find myself to be incredibly average, but not average enough where it’s cool.

You need to read “The Uglies” series. The girl is LEGITIMATELY the same way.
It sounds bad by the title, I know, but trust me, haha. There are “The Uglies, The Pretties, The Specials, The Extras” Though I only recommend reading up to Pretties, because I never finished Specials, because one of my friends borrowed the books and never returned them.. (I think I remember who it is, but I won’t say for sake of gossip) 

I’ll look into them. Thanks bestie side-kick! Btw, I hope college is fun. It sounds it. I bet it’s better than crappy (insert town name here) where I am.