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Potter Clubhouse
Book One, Chapter Four: The Keeper of the Keys


Well, I hope that all you fans out there are starting to gear up and get super duper pumped for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premier in just…

…Wait a second…

*looks at a calendar and counts off, mumbling*

Today, tomorrow, Wednesday, then…


FOUR MORE DAYS?! It’s almost already HERE?!


Ahhh! No! It can’t almost be over!

Huh, well at least we fans will still keep the series alive with our fandom!

Tomorrow, I am going to make some HP snacks for the Harry Potter party I’m throwing on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m gonna make treacle tart, cauldron cakes, rock cakes, spotted dick, and all sorts of Harry Potter foods straight from the books. I so cannot wait! Then we’re gonna watch all seven of the movies in preparation for the upcoming mid-night premier! Hooray!

More funny pictures, videos, and quotes to come!

May your wands stay magical!