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Pottermore Fact 46.

Pottermore Fact 46.

Pottermore Fact 45.

Pottermore Fact 45.

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Hey followers!

If you’d like to check out my personal blog, I’d really appreciate it!

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Anyway, hopefully new Pottermore Facts to come. And sorry for the wand wood spamming lately. That’s honestly the bulk of the rest of the Pottermore Facts until the site opens fully at the end of October.

Also, more funny pictures when I actually have the time to look for some.

I have been super busy so, just, whatever. Muggles are a pain to live with.

Anyway, hope you all are having a nice day…


Anyway, may your wands stay magical!

Important Announcement

Unfortunately, I will be unable to post Pottermore Facts for the next few days. I have to make some more, and it will take a little while. Please bear with me, and I am sorry!

My core!

My core!

Facts over for the night!

Yes again, I announce I am done posting Facts for the evening. There is a reason however.

Due to Pottermore only having part of its site open, other facts are still unavailable. So I am trying to stretch out what I do have so that we can still have at least a photo a day until October when the site opens all the way.

Thank you for the cooperation and the new followers. Welcome guys and girls!

And with that, I leave you!

May your wands stay magical!